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Viewpoint of CSR


  • "Fulfill where is missing. There is always meaning in your society"

    Social Distribution is like giving importance to the society, especially for those who feel like their lives are meaningless.


    Ittipon Apichaicharoenkul
    Age 23
  • "To give more opportunity for underprivileged children"

      Talking about social contribution, I would like to say thank you to Ayudhya Allianz C.P. Life that gives Thai students an opportunity to gain more knowledge and also enables them to have more experience.


    Wanlada Grosopa
    Age 44
    Public Relation
  • "Sharing"

      Social Contribution is a concept of sharing to each other. Sharing and counting on each other will bring love and peace to the society.


    Prajane Pawantang
    Age –
    Assistant Vice President
    Baan Nok Ka Min Foundation
  • "CSR connecting with people"

    It is essential to have Social Contribution in business in connecting with people. The business owners are able to show their good intentions to the consumers and it will help unite relationships of both parties.


    Orawee Wiriyatananont
    Age 29
    Account Manager, Ogilvy PR


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