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CSR Activities 2009


Throughout the year 2009, I would like everybody to be happy by sharing together. Our mission this year is to give educational opportunities to underprivileged children and also offer a chance for our employees, agents, and even our dear customers to participate at their convenience. In each activity, everybody will perform good deeds and have fun together. The first one that I would like to invite you to join is “Rice Planting for Children” which will be held on Saturday, 27th June 2009. We will bring children from Baan Nok Ka Min Foundation to learn how to farm by themselves with of course, being in in-trend by following the government policy. I can confirm that you will be fulfilled with merit, enjoyment, and definitely fill up with a good meal!

In addition, the company plans to have more projects for everybody who is interested in CSR, throughout the year. Kindly update news and events from the company’ media. Until then, see you next week, I will tell you a fun story about the “Rice Planting for Children” event.

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